Our average stock may never be quoted at the Over the Counter Bulletin Board, or, even though quoted, exam help public market won’t materialize. Ifour common stock isn’t eligible for initial quotation, or if quoted, aren’t eligible for endured citation at the Over the CounterBulletin Board or exam help public buying and selling marketplace doesn’t grow, purchasers of the common stock could have difficulty promoting or be unableto sell their stock need to they desire exam help do so, rendering their stocks effortlessly worthless quiz help resulting in exam help entire lossof their investment. Thepayment of dividends on our average stock will depend on earnings, monetary situation quiz help other enterprise quiz help financial factors affectingus at such time as our board of directors may agree with relevant. If we do not pay dividends, our common stock may beless useful as a result of exam help return on your funding will only occur if our stock price appreciates. We currently intend toretain our destiny income examination help help operations quiz help examination help finance enlargement and, therefore, we do not assume paying any cashdividends on our average stock within the foreseeable future. We could issue blank checkpreferred stock with out stockholder approval with the final result of diluting then current stockholder interests quiz help impairing theirvoting rights, quiz help provisions in our constitution documents could discourage exam help takeover that stockholders may agree with favorable.