In light of this, our real purpose is exam help demonstrate how all our states of being adding being alone have examination help be uplifted quiz help sweetened by added new layers of understanding. As our analysis progresses we shall activity exam help show how there are four ?postures?vis ?vis relationships that are reiterated in several ways: 1 between ourselves quiz help others within the interpersonal realm marriage being the operative model in the fundamental sense 2 between me quiz help myself in the intrapersonal realm where marriage turns into the operative metaphor for inner integration with ?oneself as an alternative?: ?I am peaceable co present with myself with minimal internal clash?and eventually 3 it’s going to shape our dating with the Divine another figurative ?marriage?that represents mystical ?unions?and transcendental states of consciousness. Beginning with the interpersonal, our encounter with any other particularly our ?significant?other must prioritize the type of dating in accordance exam help the order of answers examination help the loneliness problem that seems in the verse from Genesis 2:18 ?I will make for him exam help helper contrary him. ?In Hebrew ?for him?or ?lo ?implies that my marriage partner was created only for me. In contrast examination help the ?one size fits all?business model of consumerism, this relationship was ?synthetic?by Divine intervention using cosmic scale forces for exam help industry of one. Looking for exam help mate?Accept no substitutes!There is just one for me.